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Leona Kingscholar

Dorm: Savanaclaw
Grade: Junior
Birthday: July 27 (Leo)
Age: 20
Height: 185 cm
Hobbies: Chess
Best Subject: Ancient Magic
Talent: Falling asleep in 3 seconds
Unique Magic: "The King's Roar" - Anything Leona touches turns into sand

Leona is the housewarden of the Savanaclaw Dorm at Nightraven College. Despite being arrogant and having tremendous magical power, Leona appears to be lazy because of a clear reluctance to put forth any effort. He prefers to use intellect and cleverness over physical strength, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants—even if the means of getting there are frowned upon. Leona can often be found skipping class in favor of taking a nap! His status as the second son of the royal family of Sunset Savanna has left him with somewhat of an inferiority complex and a bitter resignment to not ever being the best. Despite being rough around the edges, Leona does demonstrate that he can be considerate of others—even coming to the aid of the main character in the story. His pride would never let him admit it, though!

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